I learned so much this year. I’ve grown so much this year. I’ve conquered and been cowed, but I am here and still writing, but I think it’s always good to have goals and to reflect upon them every year. I can’t say that I do resolutions so much as set a path for myself.


Sooooo, 2017

  • Write 2 novels. Last year I got one draft completed, but I’m editing that one and I really need to be more diligent about producing the content. I’ve got an outline for my next novel, an #ownvoices Steampunk Reconstruction-era Romance just waiting for me to get some good research done so I can tackle it.

Verdict: I finished one novel and didn’t like how it turned out, but I haven’t given up on it. It just needs tweaks and I still dream about those characters. I think my binge on romance novels will really help the edits. I did complete my historical romance novel, and I let it rest a bit after a brutal second edit. It’s ready for a third before beta testing. If you want a peek, let me know. I’m definitely up for trading MS.

  • Write a few short stories and poems and submit them to literary journals. I haven’t done this and I think it’s because I love novels so much that I feel like the short stories can always go on to have a fuller life.

Verdict: I wrote a good bit of flash fiction, but not so many short stories, but I did get one polished and it is now out for submission and I’m hoping for good things.

  • Grow my following. My following on IG, Twitter and here on my blog has grown in fits and starts because I haven’t been consistent with you guys, but I need to really be better about cultivating my relationships so I’ll be doing that more.

Verdict: I had to step back from social media and I ultimately decided it required too much of my time. I still haven’t reconciled my naturally introverted personality with the very real need to promote myself online.

  • Booktube it up! I have the channel, but again, 2016 wasn’t consistent. That will all change this year.

Verdict: The booktube channel is all but dead. It still exists but I have not put any energy into it. I’m hoping I’ll be able to resurrect it in some way in the new year. Maybe with something that is less time consuming. Periscope is an option as is Snapchat.

  • Release my first novel on my own imprint, Rochelle and Reed Publishing. Named after my childhood friend, Rochelle, who was murdered ten years ago, this project is near and dear to my heart and it has to be handled with care, but it can be so impactful. I’ll let you guys know just how much in a later post.

Verdict: I did it! I published and it has really been a journey and I’m still learning. There are so many ways to do this kind of work and I’m still gleaning information from all of those great micropublishers out there.

  • Grow the #iwriteincolor community. It’s so important for marginalized people in America to take control of their own narratives. This campaign focuses on that effort and I’m hoping to make it larger this year. You can join me in kicking off the year with a full month of putting kids just like you at the center of their own stories by joining the campaign. Find out more here.

Verdict: The community lives in my newsletter and most likely through some twitterchats that I’ll roll with in the new year.

  • Launch my business. GeekWraps is a business I’m starting where I’ll be selling nerdy printed headwrap fabrics for girls like me who like a little geeky flare with their cultural headwear.

Verdict: This totally did not happen, but what did was a new found affinity for soaps and skincare. So, I’ll see where I can take that in the new year via etsy.

Sooooo, how was your year?

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