I’m snowed in! Really, it’s like January has been cancelled. We’ve had four snow days and I’ve been sick for about four days so there has been no work, but that is a good thing, because now I can do some of those things that I have put off that I really want to dive into. I made a resolution to submit more of my short stories this year and I picked up this handy dandy tool, the Novel and Short Story Writer’s Market. Yes, this is available online via WritersMarket.com, but let me urge you to pick up the print edition because reading the listings of lit magazines one by one reveals some jewels that I would have overlooked had I done a general search. Here are some of the one’s I think you need to put on your radar. If not for submission, they are worth a look to read.

Albedo One– An Irish publication that publishes science fiction, horror and fantasy. They are looking for things that push boundaries and they pay 6 Euros per 1000 words so it’s worth a look right?

Beyond Centauri – Beyond Centauri is a quarterly magazine of science fiction and fantasy for younger readers, so 10 and up. YA writers always lament about the few publications that accept short fiction for young readers, but here you go!

Big Pulp – This is where genre fiction goes to live, so if it’s romance, science fiction, fantasy, whatever, it can have a home here. They pay between $5 and $25.

The Copperfield Review– This magazine focuses on historical fiction. It’s specific, but the genre is specific so have at it. They take submission of pieces up to 3,000 words.

The First Line– This magazine publishes fiction based on the first line of a prompt that they post for each issue. It’s a writing prompt. You know how to work with that. Have fun with it and see where it goes.

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