Three Apps that Are Changing My Life

I’m not a huge techy person, but I do dabble here and there. I’m not completely html illiterate, but shouts out to all of the people coding the bejeezus out of my iphone. There are a few apps that have … Continue Reading

5 Ways to Rock Hispanic Heritage Month

Actually read books by Latinx authors and then review them. There are some really great books by and about latinx people and here are a few of my favorites that appeal to teens. Yaqui Delgado Wants to Kick Your Ass … Continue Reading

Top 3 Storytelling Podcasts for Book Lovers

I love a good podcast. I work in a an environment than can give me lots of time alone (sometimes not) but if I’m not ingesting media I feel like I’m wasting time. There is an audiobook I could be … Continue Reading

The Blackest YA Book List Ever: 50 Books to Buy Now

This is the Black list. If the word scares you then this list isn’t for you. This list is for anyone and everyone who is looking for where to start in building their library, either personal or public, and stocking … Continue Reading

World of Wakanda: A Review

World of Wakanda, Marvel (2016) Author: Roxane Gay, Yona Harvey Illustrator: Afua Richardson I picked up the World of Wakanda for a steal on my kindle. I’m not a big graphic novel reader and I never read comics as a … Continue Reading

Diverse YA Fiction from Micro-Presses, a Review of Willow Born

Check out this review @Booklist Online by the inimitable Zara Rix. Reviews matter so much for indie authors and traditional authors too. If you’re trying to break into the school or library market there are rules about the number of … Continue Reading

25 Back to School Writing Prompts

Download the PDF Here

15 Diverse Books for Teens to Assign this School Year

The school year is about to begin and I always get requests from teachers for books to add to their reading lists. Others haven’t figured out yet that those old dusty 1982 explorations of life in an idyllic Iowa suburb … Continue Reading

Virtual Author Visits Are Lit…erary!

I’m booking author visits for the Fall and I really want to engage with you. If you provide proof of purchase of 10 0r more copies of Willow Born I’ll schedule a visit with your book club or class for … Continue Reading

Buy, Borrow, Burn: Pride Edition

Pride month just wrapped and I wanted to recommend some of my favorite YA books with LGBT characters. One you should buy NOW, one you should borrow from the library and the other you should avoid at all costs and … Continue Reading