Flash Fiction: On Firmer Ground

I’ve been thinking about my next novel after I’ve wrapped with Weightless (also possibly┬átitled Broken String Theory) and it’s forming up to be a steampunkish, Civil War, Romance. I need to do more research, but that’s kind of where this … Continue Reading

25 Books for Teens by Black Women Writers to Rock Your 2017

There are webcasts and cover reveals and blog reviews galore for New Releases, but I wanted to be selfish and promote women like me who write books about girls like me. I’ve compiled a list of books that will be … Continue Reading

Afar: A mini-review of black girl space travel

Afar by Leila del Duca and Kit Seaton Paperback: 168 pages Publisher: Image Comics (April 4, 2017) Language: English ISBN-10: 1632159414 ISBN-13: 978-1632159410 I’m not a huge graphic novel reader, but I pick them up for time to time and … Continue Reading

A Conversation with Tiffany Gholar: Self-Publishing Series

We’re continuing on with our self-publishing series with Tiffany Gholar, author of A Bitter Pill to Swallow. On the edge of the Chicago medical district, the Harrison School for Exceptional Youth looks like a castle in a snow globe. Janina … Continue Reading

Why Are So Many of Color Rocking Self-Publishing: A Twitterchat

[View the story “#iwriteincolor Self-Publishing Twitterchat” on Storify]

The World Does Not Need Your Diverse Story

The world doesn’t need your diverse story. Let me repeat, we don’t need you to shoehorn in an Asian best friend or a biracial love interest with almond eyes and coffee in cream skin. It’s unnecessary. This is not how … Continue Reading

3 Tech Tools I’m Loving Right Now

As you might have been able to tell I’ve been trying to put more effort into my digital existence. My physical existence is doing okay, if you’re wondering. I eat my veggies. Anyhoo, there are a few tech tools that … Continue Reading

Collecting for Black Teens in Your High School Library

Building out a library collection that teens will actually want to patronize is like stocking a bookstore. As the librarian, you’re the sole buyer and that means your decisions mean the difference between bare shelves (good thing: means people are … Continue Reading

BBEW Show Episode 10: When We Collided by Emery Lord

Top 5 YA Book Covers of 2016 (and 2 of the worst)

Never judge a book by its cover. That’s what they say, but we all know that it is total BS. We all judge a book by its cover. There are thousands of books published everyday, we don’t have the time … Continue Reading