Recently, I was asked for some recommendations for books that would appeal to advanced readers in elementary school, some reading on the high school level. Whenever this happens you have to consider that even though the students can read very well, the subject matter of high school books might not appeal to them or may even be inappropriate.

Now, we can have a censorship discussion, but that’s another post for another time. What I want to focus on is interest level coupled with ability. She also wanted to make sure the books were culturally relevant. This is important, because we are concerned with “interest”. Culture is a big part of that. Many black and brown kids become reluctant readers because there are few books that appeal to them culturally. There are more talking animals who are the main characters in books in kidlit than kids of color. By the the time they reach middle school those animals disappear and are replaced by more straight, white children. So, what happens when you’re a kid of color who reads very well? How do we support you?

Here is a list of appropriate non-fiction books for Advanced Elementary Readers:

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