Dear Fantasy Writer,
In a world that you’ve created completely from the clay of your own mind, where dragons fly and magic prevails, where dwarves dwell and giants rule, why oh why are there still slaves?
This world is full of beauty and innumerable pleasures, but we cannot forget that the world ends for someone everyday, where horrors that make your brain and heart hurt flow freely. Murder, rape, torture…..enslavement. Get that. Enslavement is a horror.

I know you understand this because in recent years you’ve decided to call yourself “aware” and remove all people of color from your story lines and have replaced them with aliens or dark haired “barbarians”. You’ve carefully side-stepped the moniker of “racist” by eliminating all the tawny-skinned, curly headed or big-bottomed characters that may give your reader a flashback of real slavery. You wouldn’t want them to be offended.
You failed.
Slavery is offensive. A fantasy world where literally anything can and does exist, but sun and earth colored folk is offensive. A heroine who falls in love with a noble savage is offensive and has been for quite some time. But more than that, you’re boring.
We’ve read this story line before. I already know how it ends.
Do something new. Create a new world order. You’re a god with a pen. I expect more of you.

Faithful, Fantasy Reader

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