1. The Bullet Journal hashtag on Instagram. I started with the bestself.co  journal and it really did help me get a ton of things accomplished during the time I used it and I’m seeing the benefit of tracking other things in my life, like my anxiety and water intake. The #habittracker tag is good too.


    1. Electric Dreams on Amazon Prime. It’s the Amazon equivalent of Netflix’s Black Mirror. It’s dark science fiction based on Philip K. Dick stories. I’ve never read him, but that first episode, Real Life is a killer.

  1. The Internet. The internet should always make you happy, but I’ve had some health issues and doctors have not been very forthcoming with helpful options, but the internet always provides.
  2. Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur. I cannot profess to know anything about poetry, but I write it on occasion and I love Rupi’s work. It’s relatable and visceral and I read it for free on Kindle Unlimited!

  1. Eternal Natural Spring Alkaline Water. Water is good, alkaline water is better. It helps restore your ph in your blood, especially if you have high acidity. You probably do if you eat a bunch of fried foods and have been feeling a bit poorly (as my grandma would say).

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