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Pilates is Dead: What’s the New Hot Workout Trend 
Not long after Jack Lalanne hit the screens in the early days of television Jane Fonda burst on the scene to seduce us into a better lifestyle with hip thrusts, blinding lycra and an impressive array of multi-colored leg warmers. I must say that I’m still waiting for the leg warmer trend to come back. Is there anything better suited to camouflage cankles? I mean, really?
Since fitness became big business it’s been all about the next big thing.  Are you still Sweatin’ to the Oldies? How’s your Tae-Bo regimen going? No matter, you probably got bored and gave up on whatever you were into in 2010 long before the trend bit the dust and disappeared from your favorite gym’s roster. So what’s on the horizon?
That’s right. You.  According to the American College of Sports Medicine, the top trending fitness regimen for 2015 is Bodyweight Training. Basically, good old fashioned Physical Education moves. No equipment required. Think push-ups, pull-ups, squat variations and the like. Shredded celebrities like Usher Raymond and True Blood’s Ryan Kwanton have been spreading the calisthenics gospel for years, but it seems that 2015 is finally the year for revival.
Check out these fitness newbies:
HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)
HIIT workouts are intense but short and most of all simple. It consists of short intervals of activity, usually one or two moves, followed by a short rest. The cycle continues uninterrupted for 4-30 minutes. That’s right. A session can last just four minutes. It’s a new year and apparently people have realized we’re running on little to no time for exercise.
Created by Izumi Tabata , Tabata™ is a version of HIIT that alternates aerobic and anaerobic activity. For example you might do one minute of jumping jacks followed by thirty seconds of push-ups and then repeat and then repeat again until you’ve done it enough to blast that double chocolate chip brownie that you just had to have at lunch out of existence. But I digress.  Visit the official website for a club near you.
Digital Training
Google is blowing the lid off wearable technology by making it possible for you to stalk your boyfriend on Facebook while walking to the busstop or even riding a bike. The jury is still out on whether that’s a good thing, but we can all agree that wearable technology has arrived and with it come the robot trainers. No, I don’t mean a totally hot sentient synthetic being determined to help you get that squat technique just right (I wish). Rather, it is the attack of the fitness apps. Take the DailyBurn, which doubles as an app and subscription Hulu channel. “For less than one visit with a personal trainer”, as they say, you can get your yoga, pilates, strength training and Hip-Hop Dancer Cardio Jam on any time of the day and without having to brave the gym. Perfect for the introvert in you.
With all the new options there is plenty to keep you busy until 2016, and if not you can always rest on the longest running fitness trend of all time, watching hotties flex at the gym.