Can anyone deny that Neil DeGrass Tyson is a science rockstar? I don’t think so, and that is why I am compelled to borrow his phrase “star stuff”. We are all vast universes unto ourselves, swirling with divine order and fated chaos. We are filled with the possibility and volatility of the same elements that gave birth to planets. How wondrous is that? How awesome?

I’ve been thinking of myself as a writer and I’ve had some enlightening discussions on twitter with some of you on whether it is wise to admit that all of my main characters are girls of color. The question has to be broached because you want to be able to reach readers that embody your characters and you want agents and editors to be able to find your work when they are looking for diverse titles, but there is also the fear of being typecast. There is the fear that your books will end up in the Black section of the bookstore where girls of all races won’t be able to find them. So much anxiety is built up in how to present oneself to gatekeepers. Anxiety. Fear.

Fear cannot exist where Faith resides.

I have faith in my readers of all colors and ages. I have faith in my work. If I cannot get inside the gate, I’ll share shine my light through it. And so, my tagline is a clarion call to all girls who like stories about discovery and magic and strength unexpectedly found. I know you’ll like it.

Happy Reading!

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