So, last year was pretty awesome. I pitched a book (didn’t sell it), had a baby (totally, unexpected) and joined the committee for the Georgia Peach Book Award. It was a pretty good year, but this year will be even better. I love January, because it is an arbitrary reset button. I can reevaluate my life and get things back on track that have gone hopelessly off the rails, but I’m going to be better this year than last.I usually make a laundry list of resolutions that are hopelessly impossible to keep, but I think I’ve found a formula that works.

  1. Write the resolution down. I like the app Wunderlist because I can keep my list with me and break it down into action steps. Which brings me to…
  2. Break goals down into action steps.
  3. Schedule it. I’ve designated days for certain things so I can make sure they happen.
  4. Organize. Get a template, a schedule, a plan. Whatever it is you want to do, someone else has done it so don’t reinvent the wheel.
So….here are a few of mine.
  • Lose 20lbs (hey, it’s vain, but I just had a baby)
  • Audition for ACX (I’ve done it before and should do again)
  • Launch a small business (I’ll clue you guys in once it’s ready
So, Lovelies, what’s your resolution?
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