So, in preparation for the Georgia Peach Award Throwdown I was in a mad dash to get about seven novels on my list read in about three days. I spent too many hours in traffic and too many minutes at a customer service desk at Barnes and Noble and Books A Million trying and failing to get the books that I had left on my list to read. While I racked my brain I opened a box that my husband received in the main wrapped with Amazon Prime tape. The tape listed all the awesome things you can get with your Amazon Prime subscription and one of those was “Read Books for Free via Kindle Unlimited”. Aww, Snap! I might be saved. Now, there were caveats. You had to read the books on a Kindle device, not the app to use your Amazon Prime Subscription, but there was a free trial for Kindle Unlimited I could use for 30 days.

I am on day 7.

Might I say that Kindle Unlimited might be the best. Now, there was a similar product on the market a while back, Oyster, that boasted that it was the Netflix for books. You pay a monthly subscription and read as much as you want, but the problem was that you couldn’t get most of the more popular books you wanted to read. Kindle, undoubtedly has a similar problem in that you can’t get every book that you would want to read on the service, but if you are a big reader then there are enough. Now that Amazon has moved into the publishing arena with their imprint, Skyscape, there are even more titles in the mix. Now, what does this mean for the authors? Are they being compensated enough?

Previously, authors were paid out of a pool with each author getting a cut of total subscriptions, but now authors get paid on how many people actually read their books, still it isn’t as much as they’d get if they didn’t enroll in the services, but giving a platform to indie authors does allow them to actually get their work into the hands of readers.

What I found most useful, or rather what I’m loving is access to non-fiction titles that I don’t necessarily want to put on my shelf, but have great value. These are the ebooks that feed me. I’m reading Plot Perfect : How to Build Unforgettable Stories Scene By Scene by Paula Munier and it is giving me so much life.

So, in short (or long) give it a shot. Whether you’re an indie author or if you just want to really get your hands on a great many good titles it’s worth a trial.

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