I will admit that sports books are outside of my comfort zone. I’m a vampire and alternate reality type of girl, but I will say that Waltman’s Next: D’Bow’s High School Hoops drew me in with great dialogue and the kind of break-neck action that has you waiting on the end of your seat and skipping to the next page to see what will happen next, and this is despite my little knowledge of basketball terminology, and that’s saying quite a bit. I was four chapters in before I figured out a “bucket” was a good thing.

Derrick Brown is the next rising start at Marion East High, the struggling inner city school on the wrong side of town. His coach is hard on him, mostly because he can see potential, but Derrick bristles. When Hamilton East, the preppy private school in the “nice” part of town comes calling Derrick can’t help but listen, especially when they thrown in a few perks to sweeten the deal, but after a full season of sweat and tears with his team can he just transfer and turn friends into enemies?

You can kind of get an idea of what Derrick will choose early on, but it’s a nice ride and it’s a quick pick for anyone who is interested in basketball. What’s also great is that while the dialogue is completely on point there was no effort to dumb down the content for the reader. This is a mistake that I see too often with sports books and books targeted for boys, especially boys of color.

Pick it up!

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  1. Zanne

    So far in my reading of this novel, I am seeing a lot of basketball on court action. I'm not adept at seeing the action, but I think readers who know the game would be very involved in the story because it seems quite visual and realistic.

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