Creativity is an essential function of living to me. I heard something today that rang so true to my spirit. It was Elizabeth Gilbert, and she said that she finds it cruel (I’m paraphrasing here) to tell some people to follow their passion, because few people are truly passionate about just one thing, those that are tend to work in the field their passionate about. A better alternative is to tell people to pursue whatever they are curious about. Isn’t that lovely.

I’m curious about a great many things, but pinning my survival on my passions (which could change or may not be very lucrative) seems reckless. I’m curious about plant-based diets, yoga, books, editing, uplifting my people, world peace. and a great many other things. I’m excited about getting older because of my curious nature and it is that curiosity that fuels my creativity.

I’ve been on a break for the last few days and as a young Mom I’m moving all the time and never have any time for myself, but in that chaos I’ve had epiphanies. Creativity is essential to sanity. Writing in my journal is a coin in my sanity bank. Trying a new ab workout and blogging is a coin in my sanity bank. We draw from our sanity banks through stress at work, through family obligations, through the constant reminder of student loans. If we don’t make deposits then we run ourselves into emotional debt, which can kill you if you let it. So write a poem, do a dance, bake a pie, write something, even just for a second, or one minute.

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