Perfect Liars
By: Kimberly Reid
Tu Books (May, 2016)

In the quiet suburbs of Atlanta, lies a secret among the perfect manicured lawns and sensible luxury sedans. The perfect girl with the fantastic GPA isn’t who everyone thinks she is and her parents aren’t either. Andrea Faraday is a liar and a thief and it’s a family tradition. When her parents disappear after a perfectly executed heist amongst the people she calls friends and neighbors she’s left to wonder if their gone for good. Will she be able to keep herself out of trouble, or will the cute boy with a side even darker than hers bring out the worst in her?

Perfect Liars is a lot of fun in my favorite city and I like a little hint of boarding school hijinks in the South, but while the beginning of the tale sets you up for a suspense the plot doesn’t move fast enough, those who love a mystery will still like it, especially if you’re into her previous titles or those by beloved author Stephanie Perry Moore. The bright spots are really the relationship between Andrea and her brother. I loved their easy sibling friendship and genuine care for each other, especially in a crisis. Although, I would have liked to see more fire between Xavier, the love interest, and Andrea. We get that she has a crush on him, but there doesn’t seem to be much behind it, but it is high school. Is there ever anything real behind a crush in 11th grade?

I’d definitely pick this book up to flesh out your personal quick picks for reluctant readers. If their used to novella length titles this is a great entry point to longer works.

This book is perfect for:

  • ATLiens
  • Contemporary Fiction lovers who appreciate a twinge of Mystery
  • Folks desperate for an Asian male object of affection (so rare)

Discussion Questions:

  1. Class and race crash into each other in this novel. Discuss how Andrea’s money gives her privilege.
  2. Andrea comes from a family of con artists.What benefits does that afford her? What drawbacks?
  3. How much does Andrea owe Xavier in terms of repaying him for his silence?
  4. Discuss the possible explanations for Andrea’s parents disappearance.
  5. Andrea’s brother turned over a new leaf. Do you believe him?
  6. Andrea is afraid of the kids at the new school at first. Discuss a time when you’ve been afraid for a silly reason in retrospect.

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