By: Stacey Lee
Hardcover, 373 pages
Published January 26th 2017 by Katherine Tegen Books

Mim comes from a long line of aromateurs, some people call them love witches. It’s not really magic so much as it is a fine tuned skill for sniffing out pheromones and perfumes and knowing just how to mix them to entice a feeling. One man’s magic potion is another’s clinical elixir. As the daughter of the last love witch on earth she must continue the family line. It’s just that it’s so much hard work and honestly she’d rather be in school, even if it is becoming a little hard to balance her school work and her profession. When Mim makes a critical mistake and mixes up a potion for a client with her crush’s mom her life and her nose get totally turned upside down.

...sometimes when we try to fix our mistakes instead of owning up to them we make them even worse. Click To Tweet

I love Stacey Lee and this is a departure for her. She’s wowed us with historical fiction for the last few years and this is mostly contemporary fiction with a little fantasy flare and I’m here for it. I love a little bit of whimsy and this gives you that. The romance seems believable and I like that we get a happy ending without the happily ever after trope. There are family issues that have to play out between the mother and her sister and also between Mimosa and her mom. Sometimes when we try to avoid something we end up being drawn to it and sometimes when we try to fix our mistakes instead of owning up to them we make them even worse. This story takes you there and you love the ride. It’s light and not too serious so there aren’t super high stakes, which is great if you’ve just finished something really heavy like When the Moon Was Ours (which I recommend). This is like sherbert on a hot day so pick it up, you will not be disappointed.

This Book is Perfect For:

  • People who want something light for the beach
  • People who like just a touch of fantasy
  • Anyone who has a green thumb

Discussion Questions:

  1. Is Mim a witch? Give examples to support your argument.
  2. Is Mim’s mom too overprotective or is she just following family tradition?
  3. Do you think the curse is all a misunderstanding or was it really in play for awhile?
  4. Would you ever use the services of a love witch?
  5. Friends are important. Mim’s mom eschewed love, but she didn’t have any friends either. Why?
  6. Write your own chapter heading from the POV of a past love witch. What era would you have loved to hear from?

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