12 Stories of Christmas #6 Elf

The line between cute and creepy is very thin on holidays. Take Halloween. One man’s clown is another man’s waking nightmare. “It’s cute,” Sarah says. “It’s a creepy puppet,” I reply. She rolls her eyes. “You should give her a … Continue Reading

12 Stories of Christmas #5 Back Door Santa

Off-holiday. Off-holiday is what my parents call the weekend before Christmas where my Dad’s kids from his first marriage and my oldest brother from Mom’s first marriage all come together in one happy holiday mess of a vacation. It’s like … Continue Reading

# 4: Frosty Night : 12 Stories of Christmas

It was Christmas Eve, their night. It’d been their night, ever since her Dad left and Mom spent the bulk of her holiday staring at the bottom of a wine glass while reruns of It’s A Wonderful Life played on … Continue Reading

#2 – Mariah’s Revenge : 12 Stories of Christmas

I thought people who chewed with their mouths open were the grossest people alive, but I was wrong. The grossest people alive are people who rent ice skates and wear them without socks. “Jesus be a can of disinfectant!” “Is … Continue Reading

12 Stories of Christmas : #1 Funky Christmas

In honor of the holiday and in order to force myself to work on brevity I’ll be posting 12 stories of Christmas, all at 1000 words or less this season. Enjoy!   “All you have to do is be nice.” … Continue Reading

Flash Fiction: On Firmer Ground

I’ve been thinking about my next novel after I’ve wrapped with Weightless (also possibly titled Broken String Theory) and it’s forming up to be a steampunkish, Civil War, Romance. I need to do more research, but that’s kind of where this … Continue Reading

Flash Fiction: Bianca’s Revenge

We’re still raging on with the ownvoices #iwriteincolor campaign and my Book Club and I chose this prompt for our meeting this week. Remember, the point is to free write for at least 20 minutes without any self-editing. Try a … Continue Reading

Flash Fiction – Fresh Hearts for Sale

If you haven’t joined me in the #iwriteincolor challenge for 2017 you are missing out. If we don’t tell our own stories they just won’t get told and that is the truth of the matter. We also have to spend … Continue Reading

Flash Fiction Friday: The Threadbare Lie

Today’s flash fiction was inspired by a recent Fresh Air episode about the racist past of Forsyth County and a lynching that sprang from a rape accusation. Ida B. Well’s called these accusations made by white women (or their fathers, … Continue Reading