I love a good podcast. I work in a an environment than can give me lots of time alone (sometimes not) but if I’m not ingesting media I feel like I’m wasting time. There is an audiobook I could be listening to or some news, but as a writer and a librarian I love stories and listening to stories is a an ancient tradition that I feel in my bones. I read stories to my children every night. I write stories, and when there is a moment of silence I want to listen to them myself. Here are a few podcasts that you may or may not be familiar with that allow you to dive headfirst into a good yarn.

Snap Judgement– I listen to this podcast more consistently than any other. It’s weekly and theme based. It’s non-fiction, mostly, with people from all walks of life telling personal stories. Check out their Campfire tales to satisfy your craving for Horror in your adult life. Sometimes the stories can make you cry. I remember a recent story, Blink Once for Yes, about a young man who jumped out of a window in college. He had severe brain injuries that subjected him to seizures and required him to have full time care. His family were told by doctors to let him go, but they decided to fight with all they had, medically, just to keep him alive only to have to starve him in order to allow him a good death years later. If it it isn’t in your rotation you are definitely missing out.

Levar Burton Reads– Soooo, who didn’t binge on Reading Rainbow as a child, and even though there is an app for it now it just isn’t the same. But now you can still get your fix of soothing tones from Levar Burton with his new podcast, where he reads critically acclaimed short stories on a weekly basis. It’s nice as a listener to get a compact story in an hour, but it’s also great to ingest great writing as an author. You’re able to critique craft in an efficient way. How do the words sound? You can also get tips for how to read to an audience as a presenter, parent or librarian. Where does he pause? Check it out.

Criminal– Now, there is a reason why Law and Order: SVU has been on television since time began. People love stories about criminals and why they do the things they do. This podcast is theme based, as well. The most recent season covered just one town over a number of years. You get to delve into the seedy world of politics, family and greed. There are interviews and overviews and it can really give you a great sense of what the social contract means in today’s society. This one runs in seasons so you might binge and be disappointed it’s over. Though, if you like season podcasts, I can also recommend You Must Remember This, which tells stories about Hollywood’s golden age.

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