We can call out the media on their racist and discriminatory reporting practices and lament the times, but there are still guns on the streets and racists in boardrooms, public offices and in line waiting to purchase rifles at the latest gun show. I want some legislation passed, and I want it done yesterday. If you want to steal my letter to my lawmakers, please feel free. If you don’t please make sure you a) keep it short, b) make your demands clear and c) let them know what city you live and vote in.
You can find your lawmakers here: http://openstates.org/ga/

Dear Senator ,
           I want to take this time of reflection and mourning to urge you to do more than join hands in prayer for those families affected by the Charleston Massacre. I urge you to take action. I implore you to prevent senseless murders like these and others by writing a bill that requires all gun owners to pass a background check and gun safety training course. There is evidence that this kind of action is working in other states. Please see this recent article in the Washington Post (http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/govbeat/wp/2015/06/12/gun-killings-fell-by-40-percent-after-connecticut-passed-this-law/)
“In a study released Thursday in the American Journal of Public Health, they estimate that the law reduced gun homicides by 40 percent between 1996 and 2005. That’s 296 lives saved in 10 years.” – Guo, Jeff. Gun killings fell by 40 percent after Connecticut passed this law. Washington Post.
Now, I am not naive and understand that bills are submitted and passed when there is an idea that everyone is already on board. I challenge you to take a leap of faith and press the notion in this state. Make everyone go on record as for or against the measure. The constitution does not ensure that any American at any time can carry a gun anywhere for any reason. Common sense must prevail and reasonable prohibitions must be enacted to further public safety. There are too many senseless murders conducted with legally obtained firearms. Please help me in preventing more massacres. Please push for reasonable gun control.
Shanna Miles
Jonesboro, Georgia
Concerned Citizen, Mother, Librarian 

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